3-D Trump and his wall card gift


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Look!  It's the much touted Trump wall.  Only it looks like Trump who 's behind it.  Actually, more accurately, Trump is almost completely surrounded by it - which is way better.  A couple more bricks, and the job is done.  

The caption reads, "Turns out, the wall isn't such a bad idea after all.  Mexico might even agree to pay for it."  We think almost everyone would chip in to pay for this sort of wall.   Even other countries.  Note the arrow pointing to one of Trump's extremities; it reads: "Note freakishly small hands."  Wow, they are freakishly small.  And check out those teeny, tiny little feet.  You know what they say about small hands and teeny tiny little feet?  Yeah, our deepest sympathies.

Our little 3D greeting card gift of Trump and his wall measures approximately 3" x 3 3/4".  It is handmade with three layers of 110lb card stock and foam mounting.  The third layer is all ego - just Trump's head , which is attached with a little wire spring.  Sorry, but we just love the idea of Trump's head attached with a wire spring.