The Tooth Fairy Kit -
The Tooth Fairy Kit -
The Tooth Fairy Kit -
The Tooth Fairy Kit -

The Tooth Fairy Kit

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This adorable little kit has everything your child needs to celebrate the loss of any and all teeth. 

The packaging bag itself has a circle handle and is made from clear, soft 10-gauge PVC vinyl.  It measures approximately 5 x 2 x 5 3/4" and is opened and closed with a clear plastic snap at the top of the bag.

Each kit contains two muslin pouches, both printed and hand-glittered to match the accompanying artwork.  The larger of the two, which measures approximately 5x6", reads "Welcome Tooth Fairy!" and is the bag used for placing everything under your child's pillow.  The Tooth Fairy knows instinctively that this is where she leaves any compensation for the tooth she takes.  The smaller of the two pouches is designed specifically for the tooth itself, to keep it separate from everything else.  It reads, "My Tooth.  Handle with care." 

Also included is a folded card, the front of which has a message to the Tooth Fairy.  It reads, "Dear Tooth Fairy, Please take good care of my baby tooth.  It took me a really long time to grow it.  Love & Kisses".  There is a line indicated for a signature.  A P.S. follows, which reads, "I promise to be really good and to brush my teeth - even when I don't feel like it."  

Inside the card is a Record of Tooth Fairy Visits, allowing room for the dates and initials of the Tooth Fairy.  

Each kit contains Tooth Fairy dust in a little bottle with cork top.  This is what the Tooth Fairy sprinkles when she visits, so your child knows she's been there.

Finally, each Tooth Fairy kit comes with a tag that reads, "To" and "From" and "Because you're special!".   A matching star with rhinestone hangs from the tag, and each kit is adorned with ribbon.

This coordinates with our Baby Tooth Chart.