3-D face on potato custom, card gift
custom 3-D face on potato, card gift


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Help! I promise to be good!
Get me outta here!
Upload png or jpg photo that clearly shows the individuals features: eyes, nose and mouth.

It's what you've always wanted - your face or theirs on a card-stock illustrated potato.  In fact, as everyone knows, once you go card-stock illustrated potato, you never go back.  

These potatoes may not be real, per se, but they're the real deal when it comes to The Last Word, Bish!   This one's a keeper!   And let's be honest here.  As "gifts" go, these are much more practical than a real potato that is just going to either sprout or get all wrinkly and shriveled ( (as tempting as it may be, absolutely no old people jokes will be inserted here)  OR otherwise give you belly fat  - with 37 stinking, totally cruel and unfair grams of carbohydrate; why, dear God, why?!  

This perfect 3d greeting card gift of a low-calorie - albeit completely inedible - potato that is guaranteed never to sprout, etc. or go to waste measures approximately 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" and is handmade by little fairies using double-layered 110lb card stock and foam mounting.  A wood stand has been attached to allow it to be displayed. 

You provide a good, close-up picture, and we'll do the rest.  This version allows three options for the dialogue bubble:  two are ours and the third is yours.  Perhaps because neither of our people looked particularly happy in the pictures that we chose to use for the potatoes,  we kind of went with the trapped in a potato concept - which was way more entertaining. It just seemed to enhance our enjoyment.  What's the point of putting your friend./enemy/sister/father./boss on a potato if they look happy to be there?