funny 3d guy smoking a doobie greeting card
novelty 3-D stoner with a doobie gift card
unique 3-D Wazzuuup stoner with a doobie, gift card
humorous 3-D stoner with doobie, card and gift box
all occasion 3-D Wazzuuup stoner with doobie, card gift

Doobie Guy 3D All-Occasion Greeting Card - choice of 2 versions

Regular price $14.99

This version is The Smoking Guy with no dialogue bubble.
This is the version of The Smoking Guy that includes a dialogue bubble that reads, "Wazzuuup?!"
Printed on separate card.

Make a friend, coworker or family member laugh - and give them a permanent desk mascot! - with our funny 3D doobie guy.   Suitable for almost any occasion - birthday, get well, etc. - or no occasion at all.  And you can pick our caption or write your own.  We will also print your personal message on a separate card. Also included is a handwritten To and From tag that is attached to the handle of the gable box in which our doobie guy is packaged.

Also included in the cost is our version of confetti.  Those are the color-and-theme-coordinated cardstock cutouts that accompany our doobie guy as seen in one of the photos.  In this case, we have cutouts of some lit doobies, some cannabis leaves, the word, "WHAAA?!" and, of course, our omnipresent little flowers.  

There's definitely a theme here - and absolutely zero subtlety.  This guy is smoking - and it's not tobacco.  In fact, his right eye is almost completely obscured by the smoke, and he has an extra large doobie in his mouth. If that doesn't spell it out, how about the huge medicinal leaf in the background?!  

Our 3D smoking guy greeting card gift measures approximately 4 1/2" x 4" at his widest point.  He is handmade using two layers of 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  The  joint itself is actually comprised of another layer with additional foam beneath it to give it more depth.   You have your choice of selecting the image with a dialogue bubble reading "Wazzuuup?! or without.