Prosperity Money Bag Pillow - front
Another view of Prosperity Money Bag Pillow - front
back of Prosperity Money Bag Pillow with pocket and matching muslin pouch
close up of tag on Prosperity Money Bag Pillow
Prosperity Affirmation card that accompanies the Money Bag Prosperity Pillow
Prosperity Affirmation card that accompanies the Cash Bag Prosperity Pillow
The Cash or Money Bag Prosperity Pillow - Free Shipping!
The Cash or Money Bag Prosperity Pillow - Free Shipping!
The Cash or Money Bag Prosperity Pillow - Free Shipping!

The Cash or Money Bag Prosperity Pillow - Free Shipping!

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Not just a fun designer accent pillow or conversation piece, but a symbol of prosperity, wealth, abundance and all the other great things that money represents:  freedom, achievement, success and even luck.  Makes a great, unique gift - and conversation piece.  And it looks great!  Lots of detail.

There are plenty of occasions to wish prosperity for yourself or others.  Perhaps a new business venture, new client, new job, new home, new love, new husband, new wife, new baby, new life.  Or nothing new!  Perhaps a holiday or for no occasion at all!  Perfect client gift for realtors, accountants and financial planners.

Cash bags like this have been used for transporting cash to the bank and are usually made from cotton canvas.  We have added a few extra touches to ours:  black and beige cotton stripe ticking for the lining in the upper portion of the bag, our signature pocket on the back - which by the way, is the perfect place to stash other little treasures like notes, cash, gift cards, etc. - a bank stamp on the back reading, "Bank of U.S.A.", and a black tassel "rope" for cinching the bag closed.  Each bag not only comes with a matching muslin pouch for the pocket, but it also comes with your choice of printed tag with a pewter charm of either a cash bag or dollar sign.  Also free of charge is a matching Prosperity Affirmation that fits nicely into the pouch or pocket.

Prosperity affirmation reads, "Every day and in every way I release myself from all blocks and negativity, opening myself to prosperity, wealth, success and abundance, allowing an unlimited supply of all to flow easily and effortlessly into my life, doing what I love most."

The matching tag that hangs from the tassel/rope is a little more humorous in nature.  You have your choice from among 10 options:   Agent's Cut, Alimony, Allowance, Buy Low - Sell High, Coffee Budget, F-You Money, Income Tax, Petty Cash, Property Tax, and Shoe Budget.

It's absolutely adorable and really well made!

Spot or dry clean only.  Cannot be washed or shrinkage will occur.  Freshen pillow by tossing in a cool dryer for approximately 5 minutes.  Add a  dryer sheet for a nice, clean scent.

FREE SHIPPING! to anywhere in the continental U.S.   For shipping outside the U.S., please visit our shop at for other shipping options:

This does NOT include pillow insert, unless you want to pay the difference in cost.  Read this first!   This pillow measures approximately 19"x12". The best size for the filler is the one we custom make that measures approximately 12"x14". Since it is ridiculously expensive to mail this pillow with the custom insert - even locally - we suggest that a less expensive alternative is to instead use a  more readily available 12"x16" pillow filler and just shove it down as far as possible - i.e., cram it into a 12"x14" shape!! - working the insert into the bottom corners, so as to leave as much of the "neck" of the pillow as possible. Obviously the more malleable of pillows will work best, as opposed to those that are thick and dense. You should have enough fabric at the top to be able to comfortably cinch, tie it with the tassel, and still leave some of the inside lining visible - as shown in the picture.

That said, if you are still interested in having the pillow with the insert included, just email us and I can give you an idea of the additional shipping cost. There is also another option for those in the United States for anything sent ground. The delivery time is between 2 and 8 days, but it is cheaper

This was handmade in an animal-and-smoke-free environment, right here in sunny, southern California, U.S.A.