3-D pop guy did your ex gift card

THE OKAY GUY - "DID YOUR EX..." 3D GREETING CARD GIFT - choice of 2 versions

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Our dialogue cloud reads, "Did your ex, your mom, your sister, your aunt, and your grandma. Good stuff!"
Your choice of dialogue.
Thanks a bunch!
Your friend, ____________. Please indicate name.
Your choice of caption.

This really was designed to razz one or more of your friends - you know, tease them about you sleeping with every female in their life. In case you didn't know, Yes, that's exactly what the Okay guy means when he says he "did " your ex, your mom, your sister, your aunt, and your grandma. To his credit, he's really appreciative and recognizes quality - as illustrated with the "okay" sign and the words, "Good stuff!"; but (go figure) most guys don't want to hear you got with their ex or were with any of their family members.  Maybe too close to home - which is why it's included with The Last Word Bish!

Anyway, our "Okay" guy concludes with a message of "Thanks a bunch!", which is where we can insert your name instead of Eric's.  We don't know who the heck Eric is or how he got this gig, but he sounds like someone who would definitely razz his friends.  In fact, he's probably trying to get with your sister right now. Watch your back. Eric is a man-whore.  Sorry, Eric, but thanks for taking it for the team.

Our Okay Guy 3D greeting card gift measures approximately 3 3/4" x 3 1/2" and is handmade using double layered 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  There is a third layer, which is just his hand making the "okay" sign.  The message below the figure is "Thanks a bunch!  Your friend,..."  This is where you indicate your name or any name you would like to be inserted in this space, but we personally think you should get the credit or what's the point?!

You also have the option of writing both your own dialogue cloud and caption box.