Super Realtor with Your Face Custom 3D Card -
Super Realtor with Your Face Custom 3D Card -

Super Realtor with Your Face Custom 3D Card

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Provide a portrait photograph.

 Our handmade custom 3D card with a super realtor - or accountant, or financial planner, etc. - is definitely a cute way to stand out from the competition, particularly with important potential clients.  

We print not only your whatever fits on the card itself:  your name, the name of your company, address and telephone number.  We also include your personal message printed on a separate card.

You might recognize the face of Josh Altman from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing superimposed on the illustrated buff body of our male sample.   His tee-shirt reads, "Super Realtor," but it can be adapted to fit a number of different professions.  We have used a wire spring to attach his head because it just seems to work for him to have a bobble head.  Not so for the female version, which is slightly smaller.

Each selection comes with our version of confetti - the color-and-theme-coordinated cardstock cutouts as seen in the photographs.  In this case, we've included house keys, for sale signs, and our usual flowers.

The male version measures approximately 4 1/2"x 3 1/2.  Both versions are handmade using two layers of 110lb card stock with foam mounting.

We will be happy to provide a 25% discount for purchases of 6 or more items.

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