Push Button for Maid Service pillow, white
Push Button for Maid Service back of pillow with pocket
Push Button for Maid Service, natural with ticking
ticking back of Push Button for Maid Service pillow
Natural Push Button for Maid Service pillow with red piping


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I love it when you put things in your home that reflect not just your great taste, but your personality and sense of humor as well. This is one such pillow - and it makes a great gift as well. A big, red push button has been silk-screened with the words, "Push Button For Maid Service." At the bottom is the punch line, so to speak. It says, "Yeah, it didn't work for me either..."

It measures approximately 15"x`11" and comes in the following combination of fabrics/colors:

#1 - white denim with white piping, red and white pocket. This is the only one with my signature pocket on the back.
#2 - natural cotton with solid red piping and red and natural ticking for the back
#3 - natural cotton with solid red piping and red cotton fabric for the back
#4 - natural cotton with both the piping and the back made from red and natural ticking

Pillow cover only; this does not include pillow filler.  a 16"x12" form should fit perfectly.

Spot or dry clean only. Washing will cause shrinkage. To refresh your pillow, simply toss into the dryer under the lowest setting or temperature and run for approximately 5 minutes. Adding a dryer sheet will give it a nice, clean scent. If you must iron the pillow, take care to use an ironing cloth. Despite the fact that the printing has been set, the hot temperature of the iron without a cloth between it and the pillow, will cause smearing.

These were made in a smoke-and-animal-free environment.

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