White w/black Prosperity Pillow with genuine U.S. currency
back of white prosperity pillow with pocket and affirmation
white on white prosperity pillow with genuine U.S. currency
natural denim with black Prosperity Pillow with genuine U.S. currency
black & white Prosperity Pillow with shredded U.S. currency
back of black Prosperity Pillow with pocket and pouch and affirmation
Prosperity Affirmation

Prosperity Pillow with Genuine U.S. Currency - Free Shipping!

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The Prosperity Pillow is made with 8 or more ounces of REAL, shredded United States currency, which can be viewed in the center panel of the pillow. According to the Treasury Department, it actually has a monetary value of $165.00 per ounce! If you do the math, that's over $1300! Of course, the bad news is that removing the shredded currency from the pillow for any reason is unlawful; and even if you did, the currency is shredded so finely that it would be next to impossible to piece it together into any usable bills. But that doesn't take away the fact that this pillow is a great visual aid (you know, of the "if you can see it, you can achieve it! variety) as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, abundance and all the other great things that money represents: freedom, achievement, success and even luck! And it's a fun, designer accent pillow/conversation piece. Perfect for home or office. Classic, but urban styling. As with The Money Bag Prosperity Pillow (which incidentally, looks great paired with this) it makes an amazing, unique gift for friends, family and clients. Great for the person who has everything.

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The Prosperity Pillow comes in black, white or natural and is made of high quality cotton denim. It is trimmed with two ribbons; one in a solid twill (either a black, white or natural) and the other, stripe (black and white or natural and black). In order for the currency to be seen, the center panel is covered with either a clear plastic or a natural organza. The pillow is trimmed in black piping and has a zipper opening. Hanging from the right side is a natural or white printed twill ribbon that reads, "Genuine U.S. Currency" with a D ring attached. This can be used to hang one of our pillow tags or charms - or not. It looks good either way.

To make it extra special, a prosperity affirmation has been provided in a matching muslin pouch that fits in the signature pocket on the back of the pillow - which by the way, is the perfect place to stash other little treasures: money, gift cards, greeting cards, messages, etc.  It reads, "Every day and in every way, I release myself from all blocks and negativity, opening myself to Prosperity, Wealth, Success & Abundance, allowing an unlimited supply of all to flow easily and effortlessly into my life, doing what I love most." 

Spot clean only; because of the currency, pillows should not be washed or dry cleaned.  

These were made in a pet-and-smoke free environment, right here in sunny, southern California, U.S.A. 

Pillow cover only; sold without filler.   Measurement is approximately 11.2"x15", but a 12x16" pillow form should work fine.