3-D I smile because I'm your sister card gift
3-D sister card gift
3-D happy birthday sister card gift


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Dialogue bubble reads, "I smile because I'm your sister; I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."
Dialogue bubble reads, "Remember when I used to make your life a living hell? I'm almost done!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "Happy Birthday to my much, much, much older sister. Much, much older."
Your text for dialogue bubble, not to exceed 70 characters.

Sally is an only child, so she is loving her new role as someone's sister.  Look at her; she can hardly contain her excitement at the prospect of speaking to your sister on your behalf.  Of course, it could also be that there's a great sale at Macy's.

Let's face it:  sisters have a very special and unique relationship where they can often say things to each other that they would never dream of saying to anyone else.  Good and bad, annoying and sweet. Of course, Sally grew up pretty much talking to herself, but she did have one special friend, Cissy.  They had the a very close relationship, the same as any sisters where one of them is imaginary.  Sometimes Sally would throw out that old favorite, "Mom loves me more than you" remark that would make Cissy  just want to slap her senseless.  Lucky for Sally though, Cissy was able to control herself and not lay a hand on her, probably due to the invisible nature of her existence.

Hopefully, your sister will laugh and find whatever you select among the choices provided here just as amusing as Sally and Cissy do.  It's the sister/imaginary friend bond. 

You have your choice of one of four options for the dialogue bubble.  The fourth option, you can write yourself.  It better be good.

This is indeed one time when you get The Last Word Bish!  with your very own sister.  It just doesn't happen enough, does it?

Our "Sister Sally" 3D greeting card gift measures approximately 3 3/4" x 3 1/2" at her widest point.  She is handmade using double-layer 110lb card stock with foam mounting.