Sassy Black Girl 3D All-Occasion Card -
Sassy Black Girl 3D All-Occasion Card -

Sassy Black Girl 3D All-Occasion Card

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Dialogue bubble reads, "Bitch!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "Oh, no you di'n't!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "What.Ever!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "Bye, Felicia!"
Your choice of words for dialogue bubble.
This is printed on a separate card.

Give your friends, family and/or coworkers a keepsake they'll love: our sassy Black girl  3D all-occasion card!  

Whatever the occasion, we can personalize our 3D all-occasion card with sassy Black girl to say any of a number of things - one of our selections or your own.  Even just plain old Happy Birthday!  

Some of our suggestions for her dialogue bubble:

  1.  "Bye, Felicia" (You can thank Ice Cube for the phrase. "Bye, Felicia" is a line uttered by the actor in the 1995 flick Friday.).
  2.  "Bitch!" 
  3.  "Oh no, you di'n't! 
  4.  "What.Ever!

Our adorable, sassy Black girl personalized 3D all-occasion card offers the following features:

  • It's a card and a gift.
  • It can be personalized with either one of our suggestions or your own, but should not exceed 18 characters. 
  • It comes with a separate card in which your personal message will be printed.  This makes it adaptable to almost any occasion.
  • Includes a handwritten To and From gift tag.
  • She measures approximately 4 1/2" x 2" at her widest point.
  • She is handmade using double-layered 110lb cardstock with foam mounting.
  • She comes packaged in an adorable gable box with shredded paper and our version of confetti:  those theme-and-color-coordinated cardstock cutouts like flowers & lips.