3-d greeting card for it's a girl, girl baby clothes on a clothes line, gable box with confetti
It's a girl, baby clothes on a clothesline, 3-d greeting card gift
It's a girl greeting card gift - clothesline with baby girl clothing - with gable box


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This adorable 3D greeting card gift is to celebrate the arrival of a brand new baby girl!  It has little girl baby clothes hanging from a clothesline that is strung between two trees, with a blue stripe background, 2 clouds - one of which reads, "It's a girl" - and a heart hovering above.  It says Congratulations! at the bottom.  It measures just under 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" and is handmade using three layers of 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  The third layer is used for the trees and one little dress hanging from the line.

A matching card is included.  Just let us know what you would like it to read.

Included in the cost is our version of confetti – the additional color-and-theme coordinated card-stock cutouts as illustrated in the accompanying photograph.  Because this type of greeting card can be sent to loved ones and business associates as well, we are requesting that you indicate whether you would like us to include additional confetti items like the word, “Love” or XOXO (hugs & kisses), or any heart-shaped cutouts.

Just a suggestion:  If you are sending this to congratulate someone, consider how sleep-deprived and overwhelmed they must be.  A coupon offering your babysitting services or some other form of help - even for a couple of hours -, would probably be much appreciated.