How Much for Your Mom? Personalized 3D All-Occasion Card -

How Much for Your Mom? Personalized 3D All-Occasion Card

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Our 3D guy is really versatile.  He comes with a separate card printed with your personal message - not to exceed 60 characters -, so you decide what occasion he represents:   You could send it to your best friend for no real occasion, and say, "Thinking of you - and you mom!", which we think is really funny.  When the event passes - birthday, for example - he becomes someone's desk mascot (you know, unlike any other card, they're not going to throw this guy away!) there to make them laugh and remind them how truly  deranged you are.   Also included is a handwritten To and From tag that is placed on the handle of the gable box in which your 3D card is packaged.  

This one is simple:  it's a relatively well-dressed business guy from an entirely different era reaching into his coat pocket for his wallet.  The message reads:  "How much for your mom?"  

Truth be told, we find it really amusing to consider selling our moms.  We had no idea it was an option.  Not just for the money, but the entertainment value as well.  But given the era this guy represents and the value of a dollar at the time,  there can't possibly be enough money in that wallet to be worth our time.  We do, however, accept credit cards and are willing to entertain any serious offers that would accommodate our early retirement. 

The important thing here is that sending this to someone would definitely qualify for The Last Word Bish!  

Our 3D "How much for your mom" greeting card gift measures approximately 3 1/2 x 3 1/4" at its widest point.  He is handmade using double layered 110lb card stock with foam mounting.