3D Home Sweet Home greeting card gift
3D house with floral design for realtors
3d yellow house greeting card gift for realtors or new home owners


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This is a charming two-story yellow house with a red roof, red door, white trimmed windows, and a whimsical floral background.  Not only can this unique 3D greeting card gift be sent to a friend or client to congratulate them on their brand new home - either one will appreciate something that commemorates such an occasion - but a realtor can also use this type of card to thank a client for a referral or for choosing them as their realtor!   Add some extras like confetti and candy, and you've got one very thoughtful and memorable gift. 

There's a rectangular box at the bottom that can be used either for  a message - like "Congratulations!" or "Best wishes in your new home" - or maybe the new owner's name and/or new address - or the name and telephone number of the realtor. 

Keep in mind that you get a free tag, so you have another place in which to write anything that doesn't fit on the space above the door, since it is limited to 54 characters.

This 3-D card measures approximately 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is made with four layers of 110lb card stock and foam mounting.  The fourth layer is comprised of the two downstairs windows of the house and its roof.

Included in the cost is our version of confetti, the color-and-theme-coordinated card stock cutouts.  In this case, they are the flowers and butterflies as seen in the photograph.

If you buy 1/2 dozen, you will receive a special discount of 25%.