Custom Handmade 3D Easter Greeting card with goodies
candy and goodies for all 3D Easter greeting cards
3D Skipping Easter Bunny Rabbit greeting card
3D Easter greeting card with goodies in a box
3D Easter greeting card in a box with goodies
Easter 3D Easter Rabbit greeting card

Skipping Bunny Rabbit 3D Easter Card - includes candy & other goodies!

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Check which of the following additional cutouts (what we call confetti) that you would like us to include::

Our custom handmade 3D Easter Bunny greeting card isn't JUST a card, it's a GIFT!   It can be personalized and is designed to delight all ages, men & women, girls & boys, it's definitely a keepsake collectible.

The accompanying card here says, "Happy Easter", but you have the option of indicating your own greeting, as long as it doesn't exceed 60 characters.  Also included is a handwritten To and From card.

It comes packaged in a gable box with the following goodies:  over 3 ounces of Hershey's chocolate candy, some bubbles (who doesn't love bubbles!), a fun 1" Easter pin, a charming little Easter paper "tatoo" that even adults will get a kick out of,  our color-and-theme-coordinated card stock and foam cutouts as illustrated in the photograph - Easter eggs and flowers - and our pretty little glittered styrofoam eggs. (Let us know if you'd like us to also include our cutouts of the words "Love" or "XOXO".)

It may not be an Easter basket, but it's definitely an Easter boxket!

Our sweet white rabbit is skipping along the flowered patch of lawn, holding a blue Easter basket in one hand, and a pink-dotted egg in the other.  A cloud indicative of blue skies hovers above, while a butterfly perches on the egg.  Of course, we had to add some glitter to the mix!  Easter personified!  Measuring approximately 4 1/2" x 4", our little guy is handmade using two layers of card stock with foam mounting.  A third layer is used for the head and cloud.