3-d  flushing toilet greeting card gift

Arm Waving from Toilet Personalized 3D All Occasion Card - 4 versions

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Message above tank reads "See ya!"
Message above tank reads "Bah bye!"
Message above tank reads "Bon Voyage!"
Message above tank reads "Adios, Asshole!"

Yep,  this is an illustration of an arm/hand sticking out of a toilet that appears to have been flushed. The sign just above the tank is for your choice of one of 4 different short messages. We also include your personal message printed on a separate card.

It's just make-believe, but such fun to consider.  They don't even have to really piss you off for it to be amusing to picture them in such a predicament.   And it's not like we didn't provide the comfort of a good, two-ply toilet paper hanging right next to the toilet.

Our 3D toilette greeting card gift with wood stand measures approximately 4 1/2" x 3" at the widest point and is handmade with three layers of 110lb card stock and foam mounting.  The third layer is just the toilet bowl with arm/hand, which has a plastic spring that allows it to have a little bit of a wobble.

See also the category of His, Her, or Your Face Here where instead of an arm/hand reaching up out of the toilet bowl, you have the option of  superimposing their face/head.