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Another middle finger solute - but this time with both hands!  A clearly ambidextrous yoga lady whose message is "Namaste away, asshole.  Ommmmm!"  You can also choose your own message, providing it does not exceed 39 characters.

We don't know about you, but just the thought of this somehow makes us feel at peace with the world.  Kind of like how you feel after you flip off your boss behind his back (because you still need your job) - but double the joy because there are two hands at work here.  You get The Last Word Bish!

This is the perfect gift for that special asshole in your life.  You know who he is!

Our 3d greeting card gift of our highly gifted Yoga Lady measures approximately 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" at her widest point and is handmade with double-layered 110lb card sock and foam mounting.  A wood stand allows her to sit up straight with great posture like a good yoga lady should.  

There's a small, narrow rectangular box beneath the yoga lady - and this is for you to put To: and/or From: as long as you limit it to no more 20 characters each.  Please understand that to put both To and From will require two lines, which means the font will need to be smaller in order to properly fit the space.  You may opt for anonymous, and you are not required to put both To and From.  The choice is yours.