I know you are, but what am I? 3-D  pop art coffee lady
3-D pop art coffee lady greeting card gift
full of shit 3-d pop art coffee lady greeting card gift

Coffee Lady Custom 3D All-Occasion Card - Choice of 3 versions

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Dialogue bubble reads, "I know you are, but what am I?"
Dialogue bubble #2 reads, "It really is all about me. Try to remember that."
Dialogue bubble reads, "You really are full of shit."
Your custom dialogue
Check which of the following additional cutouts (what we call confetti) that you would like us to include::

We've named this lady with the up do the "coffee lady".   Yeah, creativity at it's finest.  It was either that or "apron lady".  It could have also been "red bow in her hair lady" so, given our options, we really believe we made the best possible choice.  (You can keep your opinions to yourself.)  We distinguished it from our other Coffee Lady by adding, "with apron".

Just incidentally, note that her coffee is black.  This means she's undoubtedly watching her weight. We can therefore extrapolate from this that the mailman must be really cute.  If it were the milkman, her coffee would have had cream.  It was the 50's - the pickings were slim.  But we digress... 

Any coffee drinker will confirm that coffee clears the brain.  Our most articulate thoughts are right after a good cup of our morning brew.   Our coffee lady is no different.  Note the tilt of her head.  You may not recognize it, but this is indicative of major thinking going on.  Deep, profound thoughts. You know, all the good "stuff" that falls under the category of The Last Word Bish!   You have your choice of one of our captions - or your own!

So our 3D Coffee Lady greeting card gift with her wood stand measures approximately 3" x 2 1/2".  She is handmade using double-layered 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  

An additional card is provided just in case you are inspired to include a personal message with your coffee lady.  You know, like Happy Birthday, Thinking of you, Get Well Soon, etc.  It should not exceed 60 characters.  Also included is a handwritten To and From tag that is attached to the handle of the gable box in which our coffee lady is packaged.

We will also provide our usual color-and-theme coordinated card stock cutouts - what we like to call "confetti" at no additional cost.  Just let us know whether it is okay to include any cutouts like, "love" or "XOXO" (hugs & kisses) or if we can add any heart-shaped cutouts.