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Potato Personalized 3D All-Occasion Greeting Card

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If you want your potato to say, "Now you can't say I never got you a potato," then leave this area blank. Otherwise, please indicate the greeting you'd like to see.

It's what you've always wanted - to get The Last Word, Bish on a card stock potato - the zero carb alternative AND it's a keepsake that will last forever - probably!  You can choose our message ("Now you can't say I never got you a potato") or write your own - like Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Que Pasa, Go F*ck Yourself, etc. And we will also print another personal message on a separate card if you'd like. Like maybe an apology for telling them to go efff themselves!

This version has a message that reads:  "Now you can't say I never got you a potato."

These 3D greeting card gift potatoes may not be real, per se, but their message - your message - is.  And let's be honest here.  As "gifts" go, they're much more practical than a real potato that is just going to either sprout or get all wrinkly and shriveled (as tempting as it may be, absolutely no old people jokes will be inserted here) or otherwise give you belly fat  - with 37 stinking totally cruel and unfair grams of carbohydrate; why, dear God, why?!

This perfect potato that is guaranteed never to sprout, etc. measures approximately 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" and is handmade by little fairies using double-layered 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  A wood stand is attached so that the potato can be proudly displayed.