Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover -
Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover -
Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover -
Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover -

Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover

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Add a little personality, humor and good looks - a splash of color - to your home or office decor with our funny soup can denim pillow cover. On closer inspection, you will notice the telltale "medicinal" leaf with the "Mmmm So Good." It's the perfect accent pillow to add a little personality in a 420 friendly home - which probably already has a lot of personality!  It also makes a great gift for any of your 420 friends!

Our Funny Soup Can Denim Pillow Cover features:

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  • It measures approximately 15"x10.5" and is oriented vertically, rather than the traditional horizontal. Just the same, it looks adorable when alone or coupled with other shapes and sizes of pillows. It is trimmed in black denim piping, and the back is also black denim fabric.
  • Your choice of 100% white or natural denim front.
  • The back of the pillow is solid black 100% denim. 
  • Has black piping/welting. 
  • Zippered opening
  • All pillows are made in an animal-and-smoke-free environment.
  • handmade in the U.S.A. in sunny California
  • Exclusive to our line of pillows

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Please note: This pillow has a hidden zipper, and the opening is smaller than I would like. (We didn't want the zipper on the side where it could be larger, but might look awkward.) Nonetheless, a 12"x16" filler will fit with only a little bit of cursing! The trick is to use a polyester filler that is malleable. You fold it in half at the top so that it will fit in the opening. Then you ease it in while you keep turning the pillow. Is does work - as you can see from the pictures. The other option - if patience is not your forte! - is to simply buy a bag of loose polyester filler and stuff the pillow! Just be careful when you zip it closed. Keep your thumb between the foam and the zipper while you zip.

Spot or dry clean only, as washing will cause shrinkage. You can freshen the pillow by tossing it into a dryer on the lowest temperature or air setting for approximately 5 minutes. A dryer sheet will give it a nice, fresh scent. If you need to iron the pillow, an ironing cloth should be used or you will damage the printing.