Best Fishes greeting "card" gift
Best Fishes greeting "card" gift wrapped in butcher paper
Best Fishes greeting "card" gift wrapped in white butcher paper.


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Who wouldn't love our fish greeting "card" with the words, "Best Fishes!"  (as in, "best wishes") written across the body of it?   More like a gift, it is definitely suitable for any and all occasions - including no occasion at all - AND THERE'S NO FISHY SMELL!   Here are some suggestions: 

Best Fishes on your new job!

Best Fishes on your speedy recovery!

Best Fishes on your birthday!

Best Fishes on your breakup! (or divorce) (or dumping that asshole!)

Best Fishes on your promotion!

Best Fishes on your engagement!

Best Fishes on getting out of bed!

Best Fishes with job hunting!

Best Fishes on your graduation!

Our little stuffed carp, which measures just under 8" x 3" at it's widest point, weighs approximately .7 ounces and is wrapped in white butcher paper.  The gift that keeps giving!