poop with flies


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Message on sign: "Thinking of you."
Message on sign: Thinking of you, you little shit.

Yep, we went there.  We not only went there, we bought a timeshare.  Then we did our stupid little dance and had some Cheetos to commemorate the moment.  It was just too hard to pass up.  At least we called it "poop", and not "shit".   Who doesn't have a friend, office co-worker, family member, old boyfriend/girlfriend/boss - who would be the perfect recipient of a pile of poop - or shit?   The question is, "who wouldn't be the perfect recipient"?  Okay, maybe skip your mom... 

The aforementioned poop, which is obviously plastic, can vary slightly in size - wow, just like in real life - but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 2"x 3".  (Do you care?) The flies (also plastic) are (relatively speaking) ginormous - bigger than the norm - which we believe  gives you an idea of just how shitty the poop is.  (We had to go with "shitty" here 'cuz you can't say how "poopy" the poop is.) 

You get your choice of two messages:  1) "Thinking of you or 2) "Thinking of you, you little shit."  (because we figure there are those of you who prefer shit to poop.)

 Yep, folks, this one definitely, qualifies for The Last Word, Bish!  The gift that keeps giving!