Fashion Faceoff 3D Greeting card for Dog Mother's Day
Happy Dog Mother's Day with 3D Fashion Faceoff
Baby vs. Dog Fashion Faceoff 3D Dog Mother's Day card

3D Dog Mother's Day Funny Personalized Greeting Card

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Fashion Faceoff, etc. or your own
Please indicate "Wolf, Bitches!" or your own.
Check which of the following additional cutouts (what we call confetti) that you would like us to include::

Think of all those friends, coworkers and family members who have children, but they're of the canine persuasion!  This is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate those other mothers in your life - and make them laugh!    Consider just how cute this will look on their desk.  It's as if their desk has been waiting for just this accessory.

You can opt for the caption and dialogue bubble we've indicated here, or personalize it with your own.  We have " Fashion Faceoff:  Who wore it better" because you will note that the baby and dog are dressed in the same basic outfit.  Personally - and no offense intended - we think the dog rocked it.  Yes, we also love babies!

 We also think most dog owners speak fluent dog, so of course our pet owner has to say, "Woof, Bitches!"  Again, your call!

Of course, because our 3D cards are more gift than card - we've been told their a virtual party in a box - we include our version of confetti - those color-and-theme-coordinated-cardstock cutouts like flowers, circular greetings, etc. in our gable box with shredded paper. 

While this design is actually one piece, it required two stands.  It measures approximately 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" and is handmade using two layers of 110lb cardstock with foam mounting.