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One of the best part of having siblings, cousins, and lifelong friends is the exhilaration of driving them up the walls. This is where bonding is born!! Pretty much my favorite past time is making ANY of my sisters laugh as hard as they possibly can. And, let’s be honest, sometimes you can only get those laughs by straight up annoying them.

Here are the best gifts for messing with, surprising, and lovingly tormenting your siblings:

  1. Recently, I discovered these 3-D greeting cards from The Last Word. They are everything you need from sweet to crass in order to shock and delightfully dismay a sibling.
  2. Loud or high maintenance toys for their children. Last week we had some great play time with Matt’s cousins. Our combined three sons played together for days straight, with the loudest toy gun known to mankind. I think it was even a super cheap gun bought at a rodeo that wasn’t expected to survive the night, yet somehow lived to noise all of us adults to the end of our ever loving wits. HA! Well-played, toy maker. Here are some agreed-to-be too loud toys for your siblings kids:
    1. Toy bullhorn (oh, that’s just wrong.)
    2. (I’m sorry.) NO sound button
    3. (I feel like I am betraying parents everywhere.) Remote control fart machine
  3. Send them an ear worm text with a link to a funny song, or just Rick Roll *not a Rick Roll,them!
  4. Cat butts are always fun.
  5. Even though being terrible is pretty fun, give your sisters and brothers a big, un-ironic hug now and again. They are some of the best friends you will ever have in your life. Then, together, turn your ornery antics on the people who really need it: YOUR PARENTS!

OR, you can be a sweetie and try one of the other gift lists. But still get them a crazy card.

Greeting cards


 "I got a butt card!"

 "I got a butt card!"  Bella W.


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