Three Fine Minds ( not to be confused with "Three Blind Mice") is a small - teeny, tiny - relatively new, female-owned company located in the San Fernando Valley in sunny southern California.

If you ask us, we're really wonderful people. Simply lovely.  All one of us.  We floss regularly, and dogs and old people seem to like us.  

Yes, I am all Three Fine Minds.  It sounded better to have three, rather than just one fine mind.  Anyone can have just one. This way, I have two backup fine minds.  It's like having two spare tires.    Besides, I love the teamwork.

I originally came up with the idea of The Last Word Bish when I realized how many times in life you don't get the last word.  The truth is you don't always get the opportunity to speak your mind. No matter what your rank or position in life is, no matter what sex - or lack thereof!

The Free Dictionary by Farlex  gives the meaning as follows: 

last word: noun

Fig. the final point (in an argument); the final decision (in some matter).  (*Typically:  get the last word or have the last word or give someone the last word.)  As in, Why do you always have to have the last word in an argument?"

Let's be honest here.  We all want the last word.  Period.  No matter how enlightened we imagine ourselves to be - and I imagine myself to be incredibly enlightened.  It comes under the category of being human.  To me, there's a certain amount of power - and even closure - associated with having the last word.  When we're deprived of it - a condition commonly referred to as The Last Word-less-itis - it makes us upset and causes us to consume large quantities of food and beverages.   Particularly peanut M&M's chased by diet coke.  Just for example.  

So, being a normal human being, I immediately thought of the middle finger.  How great it would be to be able to send it to someone - even anonymously.  Now, anyone who doesn't know me might find this shocking because at a quick glance, I could be the posture child for decorum (If my sister is reading this right now, she is shaking her head, "no", but she can just shut her pie hole because nobody asked her.)  I am, however, an avid-closet-middle-finger proponent, particularly of the "behind your back" variety or while safely ensconced within the confines of my car (God help me if any of these people ever recognize me.) 

So, is it any wonder that a hand with a middle finger was the first thing I made for The Last Word Bish.  I felt compelled.  It was a calling.   And then the sky was the limit! 

The interesting thing is - okay, probably just to me -  I immediately wanted to send it to my sister - not because we had an argument and I needed The Last Word Bish (or because she disagreed with me about my decorum),  but because I knew she'd crack up when she opened the box.  Because that's what siblings do.  We flip each other off.  Okay, and also because as children, we were always trying to one-up each other; and it's about time I won!  There was considerable joy - glee - at the fact that there was no way she could top this!  Booyah!  Finally, the undisputed champion - me!  And of course, then I thought of all my friends who would delight in such a gift.  The gift that keeps giving.  And that's one of the best things about The Last Word Bish. Your friends and family will laugh, but your enemies, not so much.  A win-win!
Wow, you read the entire thing!  And you're still awake.  You deserve a huge bonus - ginormous - but just like at your work, it ain't gonna happen.  And - like one of your well-meaning family and/or friends might point out on just such an occasion as this, " look at how much you've grown from the experience".  Yeah, they lie.  Send them the finger.