Sometimes The Last Word Bish can be kind, thoughtful and even lovey dovey.  Go figure!  Not often, of course - you don't want to spoil them! - but now and then, it's nice to send someone who isn't expecting anything (you know, your grandma, mom, aunt, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, employee, client, etc.) a little reminder of how much they mean to you - for no particular reason and on no particular occasion.  That's what makes it even more special and meaningful.  You didn't have to do it.

And then there are those occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and when someone is ill, needs thanking or congratulating when you want to send something in the mail that's a step-up from just an ordinary, humdrum card.

We even have selections that will work for those occasions when you have to suck it up and say you're sorry.  You know who you are.