You just gotta have a tag or a gift card.  We're not saying it's mandatory, but it should be.  How else are they going to know who sent this incredibly thoughtful gift?

Even if you send it anonymously, what's the point if it doesn't have a nice little gift card or tag that specifically spells out "Anonymous"?  Then there's always "Occupant", Guess Who", "Your Butt",  "Stewey", "Princess Leia", "None of your business", and whatever else you can think of when you don't want to reveal your true identity. It's like that extra added touch.  It's all about the detail.

You know that whoever gets a gift of The Last Word Bish is definitely going to check for the source. 

And you can certainly opt to use your real name -  even if we personally find it just a little lacking in creativity.  To be fair, real names do allow people to accurately identify you (instead of just guessing) - so they know who should get the credit, praise, accolades, or revenge.  

And sometimes when you spend a couple of bucks on someone, you definitely want to be identified.   Unless of course, that someone is your current boss, for example.

Don't forget to check out all the options we offer for gift tags or cards - some are completely free and are included with your purchase.