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Coffee Lady Personalized 3D All-Occasion Card

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Dialogue reads, "All I need is my coffee and a good bra, and we're talking world domination."
Your custom dialogue, not to exceed 80 characters

Do you know a coffee lover?  This is the greeting for them - especially since it can be personalized to say just about anything you'd like - space permitting!

We all know those individuals for whom coffee is a key player in managing their day-to-day life.  This lady was designed with them in mind.  She is fierce.  There are clearly two features of this design that seem to stand out most- at least for us.  One is clearly the coffee cup.  The other, those perky little breasts,  which is why her dialogue bubble reads, "All I need is my coffee and a good bra, and we're talking world domination."  Of course, you have the option of creating your own message, as long as it doesn't exceed 80 characters.  You also have the option of ignoring the breasts!

Our lady measures approximately 4 1/2" x 3" and is handmade using three layers of 110lb card stock with foam mounting.  The third layer is just her little head that is attached with a spiral wire giving it just a little bit of a wobble.

Of course, our version of confetti - those color-and-theme-coordinated cardstock cutouts - is included in the cost.  In this case, we have some cute little coffee cups - incredibly similar in style to that used by a very well-know franchise (what a coincidence!) and a couple of different styles of flowers.

And if that isn't enough, you have the option of adding an additional greeting, perhaps just for the purpose of relaying a personal message, like "how the hell are ya?" or even "Happy Birthday, Love & Kisses..." - as long as it doesn't exceed 60 characters.  Also included is a handwritten To and From tag that is attached to the handle of the closed gable box in which your 3D coffee lady is packaged.