self-inflating birthday balloon for 3D greeting card
birthday self-inflating balloon for 3D greeting card gift

Birthday Self-Inflating Balloons

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These are self-inflating balloons!  That's right, self-inflating!  You don't have to manually blow up these guys; you just wack the bag, and they inflate themselves.  (We actually just press the disc in the bag until it pops and expands.) Pure genius!

They're very cool - literally and figuratively.  You can actually feel a coldness to the balloon when it first inflates!  And the bonus is that they last a decent amount of time, too - sometimes as long as a month!  They measure approximately 3 3/4" when inflated.  While they come in a variety of designs, we will make the choice for you.

What a great augment to any of our 3D greeting card gifts!