Their Head (or Yours) in a Toilet 3D Custom All Occasion Card -

Their Head (or Yours) in a Toilet 3D Custom All Occasion Card

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Provide closeup photo of victim in jpg or png
Caption for sign above toilet tank. Not to exceed 16 characters

A custom 3D card with someone's head in a toilet for any occasion - birthday or even get well - is just plain amusing.   All we need is a good picture - a closeup - of the lucky victim and the message you would like to appear in the sign just above the toilet tank.  We will also provide your printed message on a separate card in case you want to write something else.

Sometimes people just need a good flushing.  They don't even have to really piss you off for it to be amusing to picture them in such a predicament.   And it's not like we didn't provide the comfort of a good, two-ply toilet paper hanging right next to the toilet.

Our 3D toilette greeting card gift with wood stand measures approximately 4 1/2" x 3" at the widest point and is handmade with three layers of 110lb card stock and foam mounting.  The third layer is just the toilet bowl with the head, which has a plastic spring that allows it to have a little bit of a wobble.