Your Caricature Message in a Bottle - Custom 3D Card & Rendering -
Your Caricature Message in a Bottle - Custom 3D Card & Rendering -
Your Caricature Message in a Bottle - Custom 3D Card & Rendering -

Your Caricature Message in a Bottle - Custom 3D Card & Rendering

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Provide a portrait photograph.
Indicate career or choice of outfit for your caricature and any preferences.
Check the box if you would like us to include our color-and-theme coordinated card stock confetti at no additional charge.

The ultimate custom message in a bottle!

This makes such a great, novel, unexpected gift - for young and old alike! 

Not only can we do a figure playing football like the example, but we can also do one that illustrates virtually any profession, hobby, sport, etc.   This is also a great promotional gift for select clientele for realtors, I.T. providers, CPA's, CFP's, CFA's, etc. 

All we need is a good portrait photo (jpg or png) and a description, and we will make a caricature that will be turned into a 3d figure.  The figure comes with what we refer to as coordinating "confetti".  In the sample photo provided, the confetti is the football, helmet, mascot and team logo .  Say you'd like your figure to be a doctor, for example.  The accompanying confetti for someone in the medical field could perhaps be an illustration of a stethoscope or a bottle of pills or a thermometer, etc.  Someone who loves gardening could be paired with confetti like some illustrated  terracotta pots, maybe a shovel, flowers, package of seeds, etc. 

The figure will measure approximately 4 1/2" in height by less than 1.5" in width.  It will be made with 2 layers of heavy duty cardboard stock and foam mounting.  A third layer will be the head itself, which will be attached with a spring to give it a little bit of a wobble.  

The bottle itself measures 7 1/2" and comes with a cork and a removable bottom.  The caricature can be removed and will stand independently of the bottle.

You will also receive under separate cover an 8.5x11 color copy of the artwork.   

Any extras will be included in the shipping box, since the bottle does not fit comfortably in our gable boxes.  Please indicate whether you would like our version of confetti to be included in the box as well at no additional charge.

An additional card is provided for your personal message, not to exceed 60 characters.  Also included is a handwritten To and From tag that will be attached to the handle of the gable box in which the 3D figure is packaged.