Personalized Little or Big Brother 3D All Occasion Card - 4 Versions -

Personalized Little or Big Brother 3D All Occasion Card - 4 Versions

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Dialogue bubble reads, "I'm telling mom!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "Na na na na na!"
Dialogue bubble reads, "la, la, la, la, la, I can't hear you."
Your choice of dialogue. Not to exceed 40 characters.

Our 3D kid (name withheld by request) greeting card can be adapted to suit any occasion - birthdays, get well, etc. - or no occasion at all. You can choose one of our captions for the message bubble or write your own.

Meant to evoke memories of childhood, when we used to torture or harass our siblings for entertainment value. But now that you're both all grown up and mature - you're adults -  and when he or she will least expects it, you can finally get The Last Word Bish!  No contest. Victory is yours. The winner is you!

We also include your personal message printed on a separate card.

With both his hands on his hips and his big tongue sticking out of his little mouth - looks just like you when you were a kid - or maybe even just like your brother.  Maybe he doesn't look like either one of you - particularly if one of you is of the opposite sex - but close enough. Whether it's you or him, it's a blast from the past.  Even after your mom or dad turned off the lights, you guys were still at it.   

Our 3D brat greeting card gift measures approximately 4 1/2" x 3" at his widest point.  He's handmade using double-layered 110lb card stock with foam mounting.