Farting Solidarity

You might notice that a few of our 3D greeting cards under the category of Funny or Cheeky might stoop to what could possibly be characterized as sophomoric humor (one of our favorites) albeit with what could possibly be considered a very tasteful selection of farting 3D men and women - if farting were ever elevated to the level of tasteful - like if you were to poll a group of prepubescent children. But probably not.

Let's face it; farts have not always been known to be especially amusing - at least not for those on the receiving end.  Yep, no one - not a one - has ever been known to enjoy being the recipient of noxious fumes of the home grown variety. 

Are you listening, men? 

Oh, sure, the one who deals it always seems to get a real kick out of trapping you in their "dutch oven"   And by my personal account, those would mostly be individuals of the male species because farting seems to be a significant component of their DNA.  

Granted, they can't help themselves what with the overwhelming DNA & all; but they indeed seem to excel in the sport of finding new and unique ways of crop dusting.  If it were possible to somehow rate them on a scale of one to ten, this would indeed be a category at the Olympics.

And we poor women have learned to simply adapt to it.  We groan, we hold our breath, fan the air, and soldier on.

But now we women can get even - even if our flatulence is of the hypothetical variety - because we all know that women do not fart; it was the dog.  And since The Last Word Bish offers farts that are of the cardstock variety with absolutely no scent involved, they would be more in line with a how a woman would far if she did fart - which she doesn't.  And, of course, it would receive a much more favorable response from basically anyone on the planet.. And, of course, they do have that very tasteful element going for them!

Turns out that payback is not always a bitch - even if a bitch sent it.  Sometimes it's just plain funny! 

But of course, because we are an equal-opportunity employer/individual, we offer both "male and female fart "dealers with or without jean-covered bootys.  What more could you want?  That's farting solidarity at it's finest!