Hot Topic Went to Vegas and Woke up with Hallmark

Someone recently told me that my website was "like Hot Topic went to Vegas and woke up with Hallmark."

My response?  I laughed.  It was pretty funny & clever - even if not exactly on-target. 

I personally think of it more like Disney ran into Netflix in Vegas ( I know, Disney in Vegas?, go figure!)), hooked up (it was the alcohol), had a baby (my website) and since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I didn't get any of the licensing rights from either.  

Of course, I knew what he was talking about.  I can admit that my website products - at least my 3D greeting cards, Messages in a Bottle, and Enamel Pins  - do indeed tend to veer or maybe even totally careen from nice to perhaps irreverent or snarky or worse. 

So what? And why not? I happen to think that they represent human nature. 

Are we as human beings relegated to being designated as either Disney or Netflix?   Aren't we all really a little bit of both? I can't imagine only being able to choose one side of my nature to the exclusion of the other. 

I was brought up right.  Ask my mom.  I know how to behave in public and with bosses, clients, relatives, boyfriend's families, etc.  Except for the one single time I called my boss an asshole - it slipped - I can be depended upon to behave myself.  People can take me places and not be embarrassed. Ask anyone!  Except my ex-boss.

Seriously, I can be Disney.  I have done it on numerous occasions throughout my life.  I can do it with my eyes closed.  Okay, maybe ot gets harder as I get older, but for the most part, I've got it under control.   Probably just like you - minus the calling my boss an asshole thing.  

In fact, anyone who doesn't know me might find what I am about to reveal perhaps shocking - or at least mildly surprising - because at a quick glance, I could be the posture child for decorum.  If you could look like someone who doesn't have a Netflix side, that would be me. Pure class, particularly if you didn't know about the boss thing.

But, the truth is I am an avid-closet-middle-finger proponent, particularly of the "behind your back" variety or while safely ensconced within the confines of my car (God help me if any of these people ever recognize me.) I also love the f-bomb and other choice assorted words, and I enjoy sticking out my butt to my sister and other select individuals in my inner circle, not unlike one of my favorite 3D cards. Ask any kid.  Their butt is pretty amusing.  I should point out that I am indeed an adult, well beyond age of consent.  But the butt thing, it's still cracks me up. That's entertainment.

I don't think I'm unique in this way.  I believe others are just like me - at least for the most part.  Okay, so maybe you don't find butts amusing and you didn't call your boss an asshole.  Good for you!  

Nonetheless,  I still believe we share  these two distinct sides of our nature.  The sweet, well-behaved, well-spoken, polite side - and then that other one.  The funnier, more amusing  R or at least PG rated.  The Netflix.  

Most of us learn how to keep them separate and not call our bosses assholes when we're supposed to be in the Disney mode.  Truth be told, he was asshole.

Think of your inner circle.  If you're like most people, whether you like it or not (!), you know people of varying ages and stages in life:  some are single, some married, some divorced, some widowed, some with children, some without, some old, some young, some female, some male. Some you have absolutely no choice about because they're family!  Just saying.

The question is:  Do you behave the same with each and every one of them?

Do you talk to your granny (nana, bubbe, etc.) with the same filthy mouth that you use with your best friend?  Okay, so maybe your granny is cool and she can outdo you in the mouth department, but what about someone else's granny?!

Getting "the last word" as I originally conceived was to provide relationship closure or even catharsis - especially if you weren't allowed the opportunity to speak your piece; i.e., you were ghosted or fired or dumped.  My idea was to mail - perhaps even anonymously - a middle finger or one of our other selections to someone.  Think of the unadulterated joy that such an action might provide.

Of course, after I had made my prototypes, it occurred to me that it would be hysterical to send any of them to my aforementioned older sister - who has not even ghosted, fired or dumped me.  I knew she would simply have gotten a kick out of it, had she not already been privy to the entire design process, and it would no doubt have pushed me into the top slot of the undisputed champ in the lifelong sister competition.  Damn.

What was interesting is I came to find that other people apparently were - like me - viewing it more for entertainment purposes.  Some would  buy my 3D middle finger  and other items from my "snarky" collection, for themselves - to display on their desks.  Apparently, customer service is a lot easier to handle with a handy dandy middle finger desk mascot.

I found the majority of people were sending my snarky collection to friends and family, rather than to any enemy or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.  One mother actually sent one to her son for his birthday!  Gotta love that!

Although it certainly could be, TheLastWordBish wasn't just about getting the last word in a vengeful manner, it was more about the humor.  So it occurred to me that if getting the last word could be funny, then it could also be kind, thoughtful, romantic, and loving.

And so Disney was born - okay, the side that has nothing to do with Disney except for being a nice G-rated version of TheLastWordBish.  And, yes folks, that is why Netflix and Disney - or the sweet and the snarky - are both in fact co-existing at The Last Word Bish.  Of course, it could also be schizophrenia.

If you managed to read this entire post, you deserve to be rewarded.  I apologize because you will never get that time back, so help yourself to 10% off any of our 3D greeting cards and Messages in a Bottle.

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